You will be alone forever, you will never be loved.

What if it was true? What if there would be some way, a future telling 8 ball, to know with 100% precision that you will never meet love. You would know for sure that there’s no way to meet your “the one”. What would you be doing?

In our lives being in relationship is considered normal. Depending on the culture at certain age people are expected to start dating, get into relationships, later get married and all. Even for those who live not-so-conventional way of life love and love relationship still remain a huge part of existence.

Whether we’re searching for partner or not, almost everybody have an idea to meet one day “the one”, sooner or later depending on life priorities. There’s almost always this sometimes just ghostly idea of meeting the love of your life that would share your values and would somehow be contributing your happiness.

What if you knew it would never happen?

Would know for 100% that you’ll never meet such person in this life.

Would you get depressed? Would you be relieved? Would you keep doing what you do now? Would you live in the same place? Would you start doing something else? Would you lost a meaning of life or feel more encouraged to keep doing the same thing you’re doing now? What would you do?

  1. Thats interesting question you have placed there. If I would knew that I will never meet love of my life…then I probably would not waste time on dating and use it elsewhere, and I would not be depressed by thinking about what could be wrong with me and stuff, so yeah I personally would be relieved. Also situations in family sessions like “Hey mom, high five.” “What for?” “Well you wanted to meet my girlfriend…” will be much more fun. But on the other hand, that will be end of the line, your family tree will end with you, unless you have brothers, sisters or cousins. So if you don’t care about family due to any reason, the life would be much more enjoyable as you would have plenty of time to do things you prefer and love to do with passion.

  2. Let’s say you were born in a world similar to ours but with no “the one” idea. What would you be doing?

    Isn’t it the desire itself that creates an artificial condition of happiness?

    1. I wonder if we are already are in such a world. I don’t think people are born with this idea, but it’s getting developed from social interactions around and as a run-away-from-problems attitude. Some people don’t get poisoned with it, for others it take a live(s) time to figure that it’s a redundant idea.

  3. Answering the question you expose yourself to such situation.
    You simulate in your head such situation as a possibility.
    Eventually your modelling becomes a reality.
    Is not better to keep silent to the question?

    And yes. At some moment you are loved & you love.
    But it is just a period of a time )

    1. Hi, Andrei, I do agree that asking questions can program youself. For example people who are asking themselves in the streets “what if i get attacked?” are often attacked indeed.

      But I think one time asking yourself something is not enough for programming unless you focus on it, this question in the article for me personally is of the same kind “ask yourself – and move on”.

      In school I really enjoyed question from our psycologist “What if your house is on fire and all relatives and animals are already safe, you get a change to cary out just one thing out of the house before it burns down, what would it be?” This question didn’t program anything, i forgot about the idea quickly, but it helped me to realise what was the thing I charrished most.

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