Zombie apocalypse is quite a pretty sight indeed. Bitten, chewed, infected, got dead, repeat. Being devoured with all your guts – is another matter entirely. Are you ready? Do you know where is the nearest store with products and weapons? Do you know whether you will want to fight when you realize that the weapons are useless and that victory can not be achieved. Nothing personal, just food.

– You eyesight is too bad in the dark. It’s not like it would save you but like this you would be at least understanding what is happening.

Most important now is not letting yourself to listen to those squishy sounds of the insides being torn apart. Thank God that paralyzing fear doesn’t let oneself to think clearly, otherwise the head would have already broke down. It’s good that blood in pounding in temples and blocks the ears.

– Yes, at this moment everybody thinks that they are special and They would get away for sure. So funny. Don’t bother to talk, I see all the questions in your head as it is, you don’t have to scream like that.

Pine needles, those freaking pine needles are everywhere. Scratched my poor palm, bastards. Come on, focus. A vector. Straight-straight-straight. FUCK, stones are so cold. I wonder how hand can still climb and grab things, they’re hurting so much. I can’t feel my hands anymore. No! I’m here again. It’s all useless.

– Exactly. Precisely. Absolutely useless. Of course we can make up a chase, but we can deal without it. We all know how it’s going to end. We just need to feed.

Well, great. Can you do it right away or you must do the chit-chat first?

– You’re eating animals and don’t make much fuss about it. I need food – and I feed.

But I don’t do it! How unfair.

– So what. Are we supposed to be sorting you now? We need food. And speaking of switch – no as much as it might seem first. That’s how things are.You’re not even the main experiment of this planet. We need to be making our researches, but we need to eat as well. You are eating everything but at the same time you’re afraid to be eaten. Don’t think too much, it spoils the taste.

Indeed, it’s too late to think. Damn it, that a beautiful view. It was worth it to be chased here like a haunted animal.

– However…  stay here, know the truth. Nobody’s gonna believe you anyway. It’s even funnier this way.


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