Everybody knows that there’s a Thanksgiving day in America when it’s traditional to say what you’re thankful for. I decided to make something similar for myself, but in a slightly different variation. Very often I’m accused that I point out negative things and ignore good stuff. Occasionally I join or lead those accusations.

That is why while drawing some bottom line to the passing year I chose to gather things or events that make me feel proud of myself or be thankful for them in 2014.

  • I started to manage my blog in English as well and wrote/translated 64 articles. Apart from this blog was moved to a separate hosting and got it’s minimal look.
  • I finally found time to put together a visit card web olyonko.com, and also made a website for a friend for a specific project from scretch
  • Got a new position.. and then later another one – exactly the one I wanted for some time, which makes me totally happy at work now
  • Managed to learn writing scripts for work in two months
  • Raised a puppy to a 32 kilos dog – thank you all for help and support : )

3 vs 10 months

  • Got two amazing friends that feel me and were supporting me during this year at hard times
  • Motivated my mom to turn her hobby into professional path
  • I started to go out more and communicate more
  • Found a relationship that showed me that I can feel and care much more than I thought, and moreover it motivates me to no-stop getting better
  • Met Xmas among people who gave me a feeling what is a family, even if it’s not mine
  • Visited mountains in Austria, Berlin and western Ukraine, meanwhile during the year making minitrips around cities and forests of Czech Republic

I sincerely hope that next year I’ll be able to add fixed health in this list cuz it is really getting on my nerves now.

And meanwhile I’ll be happy from all good things that happened in the year that leaves and will be rebuilding my point of view into a more positive angle.

Happy New Year folks!

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