WATERCOLOR #2. Blacks And Flowers

From the last time I was posting my attempts of watercoloring – Spring Art Therapy – surprisingly I continued with it. Apart from the psychological help, it does keep my eyes away from monitor which I don’t see only when I’m sleeping sadly. And for that I’m grateful.

After gathering pictures for last 1.5-2 months firstly, I got sad because I realized how not enough time I have for drawing, and secondly noticed the pattern I feel inside lately – doomed eating-me darkness and desperate attempt to get out of it with a lot of bright colors.

So here are the pictures of last 2 months:


The next picture is a bit of exception, because it turned out exactly as I planned to make it 😀


This one is a bit funny, because I was actually drawing it while being absolutely happy from getting a camera. So maybe not?


The following one is dedicated to one person dear to me who got badly sick. This is how I see support while someone’s sick.


The last one is my favourite and I completely don’t know why.


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