Do you wake up often in a body of another person?

As long as I remember myself I never bothered whether it’s a boy or a girl – a soul is a soul, its shell means nothing, though girls are a bit prettier.. This is briefly speaking.
But dreams.. It’s a bit too much. It’s lately hard to pass a night where I wouldn’t be dreaming in a body of a man.

I can’t complain – the adventures were indeed fun. I would even say that I can make an awesome guy.. Girls, hold on to your panties! No doubt I’d turned out a good man. But the fact that my head is 10-15 sm higher than usual and body is more meaty – that’s all it takes for a brain to start packing up things and move in a direction of a place far-far away.

Jung would have slapped me for that (hinting on A Dangerous Method) and then would analyze my Animus which decided to realize my male I not just in actions and thoughts, but also in my dreams.

Animus and anima (from Lat . Anima – soul) – archetypes . Represent archetypal images which captured centuries-old experience of ancestors (mainly in terms of gender). Animus – initially, a collection of fathers, that are an authority whose opinions are undeniable , it is the male part of the soul associated with categorical views. Anima – the female part of the soul associated with moods. Thus one of these souls facing outward, the other – inside . There may be situations when in a woman ‘s psychic organization the dominant one is the men’s soul, which is reflected in her particularly harsh and cold-blooded judgments, in excess of principles. Often there is a reverse situation, when a man is wearing a woman’s soul. Belonging to the unconscious, these sides of the soul are rather primitive and undifferentiated, but at the same time they contain a source of creative power.

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Unauthorized rpg-playing..

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