World is permeated by the time, it is not going anywhere and just happens, subordinating everything possible to co-exist here and now. Moving inside it – it’s like swimming in a thick jelly. Like swimming in a thick jelly at a depth of several kilometers. Try to make a small move.

If you are concerned and worried – you live in the future, if you’re happy – you live in the present. Living in the present is great, but I’m concerned and worried that I might be living in the wrong present.

To get totally and inevitably mad, I should have been born with a twin. Connection which they feel can be felt between yourselves and others-I who currently ended up not where I am. They chose a different path, made ​​a different choice, said “Yes” instead of “No” and “No” instead of “Yes”, did that extra step when I-now just froze, paralyzed by desire.

Which of them to be, if all options are in the long run the right ones and all of them will give a new and interesting experience?

unbeknownst to most

the world is completely

controlled by a single

pipe smoking rabbit

In one of the probabilities, I will now light my pipe and will dive into deep thoughts, exhaling cheery smoke.

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