Never drink a masala during important conversations. A mixture of alertness and sleepiness gives weird and hard to control results. If at the same time you have to keep your brain thinking about life-sense questions and their practical application, then better take tea. A plain tea.

After training, body is already in another world, and brain is still on and very often is protesting the tiredness. When brain is tired, there’s nothing more you want. Accept for, maybe, stop being.

People are very funny. So smart, so arrogant, but so stupid. They need an ocean.. an ocean of words to understand what companion is silent about. I think that words are spells. Otherwise why would somebody feel so tired after talking.. You’re using mana.

You’re casting a spell, rearranging your life and then you find out that you’re not Hermione and your spells don’t live long.

Wanting is bad. Wanting is in the way. But without “want” nothing moves anywhere. And if you don’t have your “want”, then what’d be the point of it all.

3rd of May was approaching, the era of twins was coming to its end.


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