“By and large, you can deal without anything and any-body!..

.. as it was told by “sir Loiso Pondohva, …, world’s evil and, as it turned out, my good friend. Time showed that he was right. Maybe I really am too distracted and can’t focus on something for too long.. or can’t focus on somebody, or I’m simply a over narcissistic bastard. Though, as Juffin would have said, one doesn’t deny the other.”

After reading and understanding those lines, my life won’t be the same. Its essence became an attempt to understand what I can live without and things I can’t live without, moving in future the last ones into the first category.

I remember sir Max got a bit sad after such a “sentence”, but in my opinion one must earn such a great compliment.

People really like when they are loved, when they feel needed.. Why?

Not clear.. Oh well.. nobody’s perfect.. When a person realizes that the world still continues even without him – whether it’s the world of one person, group or in general – he gets sad. “People can live without me.. What’s the point of me then..?” But by and large nobody needs you. And if somebody needs you – it’s a bit of dependence.. And depending onto something – or somebody! – is not comfortable.

I remember, for a long time – for about last 4 years – I was sure that since I can live without something, then it shouldn’t take place in my life at all. Apparently minimalism in my life is quite global. But does getting rid of dependence of something will help me to see things more clear? Not with hungry eyes, not demanding ones, not asking ones, not needy ones.. but just with green ones.

By learning that it is possible not to hold on to things, but just touch them or even let go if I want to. In this case things, people and events that surround you, become not circumstances or a subconscious desire, but a conscious choice and a precise will.

I’m sure that I can deal without friends and other interesting creature with whom there’re topics to discuss or a comfortable silence to share. I know I can, I tested. It means that I love them, value them, and other cute blah-blah, but I can still live without them. Therefore if I stick around – it’s my choice. I think it’s more important.. to be in love with the world not because of what it gives but just for the way it is.. the amazing way it is.

Peace, kawaii, unicorns.

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