A week or two ago I saw a promoted story on Instagram from one Czech publisher about new issue dedicated to Top Women of Czechia, with the chef of Czech’s Google on the cover. I got beyond excited! Being a feminist as any adequate person – not a crazy person but believing each should have equal rights and responsibilities – I was sure about getting an issue. Plus, it’s a good chance for me to practice Czech language, as I’m scared of scribbling in books but tolerate it in magazines.

What I was looking for – some interesting interviews and inspiring articles in the spirit of “We did it and so can you!”

What I got – 92 pages of photoshoot photographs and 30 pages of interviews…

I’m not among people who easily get offended and find hidden offensive messages in every picture or post, but this balance of photo and text seems just stupid. Disappointment on the roll.

Though it does look nice, can’t argue there.

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