This is the kind of joke where I’m funny and dead serious at the same time. Seriously. Deadly seriously. Find the one who truly cares about you!

Not some dushbag that shows he cares by bringing flowers or apologizing first in the fight, but a person… no, THE person who really cares about you as much as you care about yourself. Who knows what you like and what you appreciate for real. There’re not many people that would go the distance to do such thing for others.. but sometimes we won’t even do it for ourselves.

So here’s the thing.

When I came home from vacation I also came back to an empty fridge. However while looking through the freezer for some ice for my drink, I noticed that there was a pizza. Those prefrozen pizzas you can get ready to it in an oven in 15 minutes. I didn’t remember having it there, or in fact even getting one, because lately I was considerably cutting my intake of bread-pizza-heavy-tasty food.

Then suddenly I realized! No! I WAS buying it the day before leaving on vacation. I thought that after a 6-7 hour way back with a dog I would be too exhausted to go to a supermarket straight away  and even if I do go there, because of the hunger I would buy more crap and super high carb items. So.. I bought a pizza in advance to cheer myself up and give me this extra small bonus of relaxation after a long travel.

Listen, there’s a big chance you will never meet a person in your life that previsions your desires and anticipates them because s/he knows you so darn well and well.. cares. But the minimum you might own to this world is to do this for yourself, to learn to love yourself and how to “date” yourself, to how to make those small moments of joy into the life and hence, hopefully, become happier.

I believe if we each try to make yourselves happy world would be a slightly better and definitely joyfuller place.

And, aren’t you curious what happened with pizza? Well, I’ll tell you anyway.

I didn’t eat in the end and chose a healthy snack. But few days later I got my permanent residence in Czech Republic so I ate it with wine in celebration in the efing middle of the day 😀

amateurbeing drinking wine

Share with me – what small joyful things you do to care about yourself?

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