Ok, this is so not the post i ever imagined having here 😀 Lately I’m watching more videos than usual trying to educate myself on various topics, and occasionally stumble on weird but somehow brilliant videos.

Got to say, I don’t have much experience with “50 Shades” series. I know the 1st movie from “Everything’s wrong with…. ” show and I actually watched the 2nd movie because it was claimed to be kinky and wild.. which it wasn’t. It was just painful to watch the poorly written dialogs, weak jumping around the plot and general badliness of the movie. But I heard it was written as a Twilight fanbook.. so what do you expect. And so I moved on..

Until I was watching a series of videos from one interesting channel and saw a defense of 50 Shades of grey movie! I thought it would be 80% clickbait but this was legit interesting information.

The video covers:

  1. How books came to life
  2. Why they are written the way they’re written
  3. How it was to be made into movie
  4. How different movie is from the book

And this is where the fun begins. While listening to a explanation the differences that were made in the adaptation of the book into a movie one can learn:

  1. Tips on writing, more like how not to write ha-ha-ha
  2. How subtle things in movies makes us understand scenes in movie without spelling it out
  3. How writing bad person is totally ok
  4. How to correctly structure a book or a movie to make it right
  5. How pure shit in book can be saved by movie

Honestly, even if you’re not into learning write a book or become a screenwriter, this video is still a mind-porn of its own. I developed surprising respect to the movie after I found out more about the book. The video is light and funny and super educational. Give it a try!

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