I spend about quarter of a century in a blissful state. Fate was fond of me so much that I started to believe that I’m the chosen one for sure. Everybody finds his own way to make some difference from others, find somethings that makes him stand out from the crowd as he sees it. I also had such a thing, a special thing. I appreciated it a lot. Never could get why it’s different for others. How come I’m able to do it when others often struggle with it.

But one day everything changed. Gods have cursed me. I understood that now I’m in the mortals world and will face their problems from now on. On that dreadful day of realization I put my hand down in jacket’s pocket to take out my mp3 player and… my headphones were tangled! One huge knot of wires!

“Why?!” – I started to yell at all the Gods I remembered from mythology lessons.

Slowly a realization that now my life is cursed as well filled up my mind. Life will never be same again.


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