Sandals. Excellent! Couldn’t you think of something better to be running in? You fool! Haven’t you watched enough horror movies? Army boots is the only good option here!

Soles of cheap sandals knocked loudly on the cobblestones. In my head there was no particular panic – everything was filled with hum, the hum symphony of cobblestones and sandals. I wanted to stop to catch mybreath and to finally even hear something other than this humming noise. But stopping was out of question. ” They’re right behind us.. “

Running was pointless, but stopping meant losing. Warm afternoon summer wind was mocking me, not giving the slightest hope for freshness to my body wet from running. I still cannot afford to stop.

With peripheral vision, I see that the darkness is coming. She is overtaking me. I cannot turn – it would mean to look into her eyes. Darkness is not in a hurry – she knows that she’ll win.

She languidly absorbed one house after another, each narrow lane, not disdaining even passers-by.

I know how to lose, but not in this case. Losing now means losing this world for myself, all of this a reality.

I’d rather die! This will be only mine! Not this a reality. She is too dear for me, its inhabitants make it alive, and make me alive too.

Darkness grim procession continued eating my world. Running did not make any sense, but I ran. When I stop to run – this is the real end.

I cannot see anything anymore. With me there were only my ragged breathing and the hum of the soles of my sandals on the ground.

In complete darkness, I tried to remember the street where I was running until the darkness overtook it.

So-o-o.. and now turn to the right – there is a wide street, which I remember well. Well, I did not hit the wall, then I’m on the right track. Run on, do not stop. Now.. the simple part – to “remember” that there was a narrow street, which is actually there never existed here. Come on, it’s your reality, it’ll help you back a little.

I turned into an unfamiliar street, which had just been invented. On the street, which had never existed, should be paving in dark sand color.

It’s too dark, I need to remember what was the sky, when I was running.

Recreating in details the world that never was here but which I easily “remembered,” I was able to escape from the darkness. She can’t open the door into this world. At least because there’s no world.. and therefore there’ll be no door.

Now I can finally stop running and think about what I did. Or instead.. i could open any door in the darkness and plunge into another world.

Tell me when you hear me fallin ‘
There’s a possibility it would not show

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