Without a proper declaration of war my brain decided that making videos to addition to my blog content is a great idea. I’m very excited to record this so-to-say intro for this new series.
About 8 years ago I was going through a self-therapy. I recorded my whole diary, and then listened to it trying to analyse how I formulated my thoughts, going through old emotions and so on. Though it felt unbelievably awkward at the time, it did its job perfectly. I started to feel better.

BEST MORNING ROUTINE or tips how to start a positive day

Bad day starts with a bad morning. In order to avoid a bad day – fix your morning. Getting up early and doing something apart from chaotic getting ready to school or work seems like a struggle, especially looking at it from under a cozy blanket and a head glued to the pillow. Whether it becomes an everyday habit or just from-time-to-time thing, a special morning routine can a kick-start a day from the right foot.