Today I’m sending rays of good. I have a long way to be as cheerful as Sailor Moon, but objectively she was too much so it’s ok. So what I was talking about? ah, yes! Today is a day of cheerfulness.

The most certain sign of wisdom is cheerfulness.

Slowly but steadily I’m readlising this. If this information reached you earlier – please do share and remind me this from time to time.

The sun shines without the goal to keep somebody warm. The one who found himself is like the sun.

While you’re deciding how to be nicer to the people around you, how they would perceive it, how you should keep on changing your life and what would be the outcome.. while this all is happening you’re not moving anywhere, you’re at the same spot.. now you just have more plans.

However when you DO – you become sunnier. Just work on yourself – only you need it, but the energy and warms of it will cast light on other around.

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