The most sincere help is offered to a person who doesn’t need your help but is willing to accept it.

There’s no point of forcing yourself to somebody who’s not trying to do anything. However, when the person is willing to do everything possible and impossible to do what’s on the mind, then yes – stratching out a helping hand (or any other body part you find appropriate) is easy and even a right thing to do.

Nobody cancelled the rule about teaching a man to fish.. or as my mom says “you can’t install your brains into another person”.

Some long time ago I heard that approaching somebody with unwanted advice almost equals a great sin. Being an empathic creature.. not exactly bothering others with my own opinion.. but having a craving desire to be fixing things.. I was slightly taken aback. But then.. how am I supposed to work with people being a trouble solver? Various psychologist and doctors are in a way excused since it’s others asking for help in the first place. What about other cases? What if you KNOW how to help now, KNOW what to say and advice.. should I remain silent? So quiet to hear own internal voice saying “ok.. now you can comment”?

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