People die..

Maybe my house is old but a lot of people living here die. They seem to be old, that’s what they do, one can’t escape this.

But when you’re leaving the apartment and there’s a coffin in front of the house.. the feelings are quite bizarre. 

We, the living ones, cannot fully understand what is death until we experience it. Maybe we have already experienced it but simply forgot. And here’s a chance to feel Her with the back of your head. Her cold breath at the back of your neck.

Some people die not asking for a coffin or a ceremony. They die right next to us. Bam! and they’re not here. You can feel it too. Feel this refreshing breath..

Perhaps, people don’t change, but for sure they die, when technically being still alive. After such death perishes what this person used to be, and something new is born. And the predecessor, he.. yes.. he dies.. every time once and for all.

If you’re close to a person when he changes.. when his whole world changes upside down.. you can feel it.

You can hear it..

Hear the sound of a broken glass as if the fragile vase containing the soul couldn’t last. At first there’ll be a high clinking sound, your ears would get blocked for half a second. Then you get stuck in this soundless vacuum scream, while your own soul sympathetically cracks. Then there’ll be another clicking sound, more quiet and light – the chime of the glass pieces fallen to the ground. They are merciless in their gentleness.. so light and crystal clear. In a soft child voice they hum “nothing.. there’s nothing anymore”.

You can taste it..

Feel and taste it, even tune to a sudden thirst to drink this in. Drink it up so much until in dizziness you’d fall onto those glass pieces, or dear glass pieces.

You can sense it..

Just like the boy from the “6th Sense” you’ve seen death. Now you’ll always be recognizing its breathing.. Her icy kiss to the seventh cervical vertebra.

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