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Different people take important dates like New Year or Birthday in a various manner. I generally have this pattern – panic followed by depression.


Another year is behind. Where is the progress? What was done? – Wait.. look! Check out how much was done!

Well.. Ok, not bad. And that’s all?


Insatiability, perfectionism, emptiness.

Progress doesn’t seem to show up if those things are still present in my life.

BEST MORNING ROUTINE or tips how to start a positive day



Bad day starts with a bad morning. In order to avoid a bad day – fix your morning. Getting up early and doing something apart from chaotic getting ready to school or work seems like a struggle, especially looking at it from under a cozy blanket and a head glued to the pillow. Whether it becomes an everyday habit or just from-time-to-time thing, a special morning routine can a kick-start a day from the right foot.


lviv cementary


Lychakiv Cemetery is a small melancholical travel in time not far away from a Lviv city center. I was lucky enough to visit it in the end of november overlapping with a fairly cold weather. It’s something special to have a walk at the cemetery when your body feels totally frozen. Who would have thought that grey sky and pieces of granite under it could not only be bringing on gloom but as well warming up from inside and cheer up.





I spend about quarter of a century in a blissful state. Fate was fond of me so much that I started to believe that I’m the chosen one for sure. Everybody finds his own way to make some difference from others, find somethings that makes him stand out from the crowd as he sees it. I also had such a thing, a special thing. I appreciated it a lot. Never could get why it’s different for others. How come I’m able to do it when others often struggle with it.

A TICK NOT JUST FOR A TICK: visualization of habits



Winter holidays – time for new year resolutions, traditionally. People’s fantazy goes a long mile – somebody’s planning to stop drinkings, another is ready to sign up for a gym, somebody’s promising to lose weight and so on. With every following year the list of such resolutions slowly goes down since the head is realising that all which was promised won’t be accomplished in next 12 months. The last bastion of hope – setting just one and only goal. Wise, I must say.

It so happens that in order to reach something most of the things require some regular actions.

– in order to make body fit – go to gym

– in order to learn a dance – practise it regularly adding more complicated moves

– in order to master a martial art – attend trainings all the time

I can go on with more details, but you already get the main point.



Everybody knows that there’s a Thanksgiving day in America when it’s traditional to say what you’re thankful for. I decided to make something similar for myself, but in a slightly different variation. Very often I’m accused that I point out negative things and ignore good stuff. Occasionally I join or lead those accusations.


That is why while drawing some bottom line to the passing year I chose to gather things or events that make me feel proud of myself or be thankful for them in 2014.

NOTES ON PRODUCTIVITY: How to work more efficient and not get distracted




In this article I’d like to share my methods to be able to do more than usual. Those who know me are aware that i’m cracked about being effective, but at the same time I’m a very lazy person. This is why I think this should only make my notes more practical since after time I left only the necessary minimum (cuz I’m lazy duh) which at the same time works perfectly.


sleeping girl by virtualman


About year and a half ago one man visited our company to help us people with time-management. A really good initiative. Since there was a lot of work and all processes were not yet established, some confusions were happening, as well as misunderstandings and extra time wasted on solving problems. Everybody cheered at the idea of workshop, because we’d finally got a chance to make some fixes to solving things and in particular to figure out how the hell it’s possible to everything you plan. This was the time when after some quite a break I heard about “procrastination” again.




One girl was nervously touching her skirt while telling a poem. As she was getting more and more nervous, she was clenching harder the fabric on her skirt on the level of her hands. Squeezing the fabric during the poem, eventually she pulled the skirt up to the level of mini-skirt. I really enjoyed the poem.



“You see she doesn’t care that I’m her dad. Even if there’d be another man instead of me, she wouldn’t be bothered anyway. For her, parents are just instruments that help to grow up, feed her, provide food and clothes, bring her to school. But she’s not feeling any attachment, nor warmness. She’s asked me again to leave her in orphanage. Is she freaking kidding me?!

My dad, a jerk as he was, wasn’t at the same time a stupid man, and he was realising how things are and how I percept world and him in particular. Well, that’s kind of understandable.. I followed his steps.



As it’s know on the left palm we have the “given” of our lives, and on the right one – our corrections and projections. The more important events stumbles on our ways, the ones that do change things, the more the initial sketch gets off the rails. And what about the left one? Preserved without a chance to be edited? Doesn’t seem so..


triping in CR


At the last day of summer I’m gathering some photos of my new sort-of-hobby that occupied me last 3 months. With a comfort zone ending at the door of my apartment, it turned out quite a challenge for me to force myself to travel. Travel might not be the right word since all the trips didn’t take more than 5 days and majority of them was in one-two days limit, but it was still a tiny personal victory. The most satisfying in it is that I percept it not as a torture now but joyfully, as a new realm of comfort, recharging comfort.