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I will not leave to live in a monastery because it’s too simple…

Once one close friend and me were discussing that one day, when we get tired of playing in make up, clothes and other material insignificances, we would wash our faces, cut of our long dark hairs, wrap ourselves in simple linen clothes and would go… without looking back or turning around… we would go far away… to Tibet or to India or… well, it doesn’t matter where we would go geographically… but without stopping we would go…

At that time I thought it’s a brilliant idea.

INSPIRING: Evgeniia Vradij – Redheaded utopia

Evgeniia is a beautiful phototaking creature from Ukraine, traveling all over the world and brightening it with her smile.

She started pro-photography back in the times where i just got internet at home 😀

It seems that Evgeniia is trying to fit beautiful things from the whole planet into her photos. Her albums are full of hard emotions, joy of life, tender romantic moments and deep-looking portraits.


Colors colors colors!

Here are my watercolour drawing of last 2 months. Still enjoying it and still striving to improve. It seems dark shades and blue semitones are my favorites after all. When I was little I was saying that blue is my favorite color, I wonder if it’s still true


Let me know in the comments what you think of those – I’d appreciate criticism to improve what I’m trying to do.


Today I faced a big realization – Everybody should blog. Wouldn’t it make the world a much more enjoyable place?

With the current speed of life with lots of projects, workload, occasional desire to sleep and many more, there’s less and less time to meet with everybody; however with the Internet (god bless it) there’s a wonderful option to stay connected. Almost everybody is using social networks and messengers to communicate. Though as people grow tired of social profiles it’s more and more noticeable how people lower activity there – and I do get it, I did same with mane social profiles. The ones that stay get more specialized – work profile, hobby profile etc. I definitely enjoy this specialization but something is still as if missing.


Life is a mirror: if you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting.

William Makepeace Thackeray

No matter what you call it – energy balance, karma, justice – it does work this way. If you’re a more down-to-earth person take it as an investment – you gotta put in money to get back more.

26 ON 26

I do have an epic downside of trying to make summaries on new years and birthdays as some sort of milestones. Even though during the year I can barely remember own age and the current year without a calendar, around these dates I get huge panic attacks that can be generally discribed as “so what did you reach by now?”

Well, a spoiler alert, I’m never happy with the answer.

This time I even decided to take a few days of time out for being completely alone to figure some things out.


You will be alone forever, you will never be loved.

What if it was true? What if there would be some way, a future telling 8 ball, to know with 100% precision that you will never meet love. You would know for sure that there’s no way to meet your “the one”. What would you be doing?

WATERCOLOR #2. Blacks And Flowers

From the last time I was posting my attempts of watercoloring – Spring Art Therapy – surprisingly I continued with it. Apart from the psychological help, it does keep my eyes away from monitor which I don’t see only when I’m sleeping sadly. And for that I’m grateful.

After gathering pictures for last 1.5-2 months firstly, I got sad because I realized how not enough time I have for drawing, and secondly noticed the pattern I feel inside lately – doomed eating-me darkness and desperate attempt to get out of it with a lot of bright colors.


Everyone hears his own unique internal voice. It follows us along our live. It’s like a teddy bear of some sort, but the one that knows much more. It helps us to get through the toughest times; and if it happens that you’re a friend to yourself then this internal voice can also be giving quite good advice. There’s nobody else out there.

Oh you lovely creature, you look at the world out of your crazy head lighting your way with curious eyes. It’s your turn!


When I leave you, I will burn down the flat, the coffee places where we went, all the stuff.. I will burn you too, in my thoughts. Will burn the traces of your steps. Pouraquoi pas?

Wherever we walk there’s a tiny print of us. Especially if emotions were part of the picture. Isn’t it how the ghosts appear? Somehow geographical coordinates remembers us almost as much as we remember it.

INSPIRING – Berkozturk

Yeah, he’s actually Turkish. The guy’s name is Berk Öztürk.

His works combine depression and at same time some childish tenderness. I especially adore them since they often describe the things for which sometimes there’s no bravery to say out loud.