Oh Laura!

When I was introduced to you, I sang a song about your name. It was hard not to make fun of you, especially since I had to mask my embarrassment. My song made you angry and laugh at the same time. As a response you were staring in my eyes angrily with a smile in the corners of your lips simultaneously. I was looking into your sky-blue eyes and couldn’t stop looking.

I saw how in some future I’m be hugging you gently and be watching you sleep, counting the freckles on your nose. I saw how I will be waiting for you to call me. I saw how your friends will be getting jealous of how you spend all time with me. I saw how you’ll be getting out of shower, washed and with no make up, fresh and real as you are truly, and then you’ll be awkwardly putting your make up on, ruining your natural beauty for some reason. I saw how you’ll be feeling sick. I saw how I will be getting you the most delicious perfumes, whose production got stopped after that for some reason. I saw how I will be visiting you when you’re in hospital. I saw how you’ll be getting ready for parties and flirting there with others. I saw how you’ll start to call less often. I saw how inch after inch you’ll be cutting my heart into small sarcastic pieces. I saw how I won’t be even defending myself, until it hurts so much I would have to scream. I saw how I’ll be scarred for life. I saw that. I saw that while looking into your sky-blue eyes. I looked into your eyes, agreed silently and invited you to go get some ice-cream.

Based on real events, reinspired by “Laura” (Bat for Lashes)

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