Everyone hears his own unique internal voice. It follows us along our live. It’s like a teddy bear of some sort, but the one that knows much more. It helps us to get through the toughest times; and if it happens that you’re a friend to yourself then this internal voice can also be giving quite good advice. There’s nobody else out there.

Oh you lovely creature, you look at the world out of your crazy head lighting your way with curious eyes. It’s your turn!

The main hero is in the spotlight, during quieter moments one can even hear a voice of a narrator in the background. He will say what your paralyzed lips can’t.

This is my story. This is my movie. This book is being written about me by me. I’m the main hero here. Just wait, the culmination is just around the corner.

What? My name is not even in the credits? Not even among the extras?! But the movie is about me!

Maybe your part is to happen on time in the crowd and with your sparkling eyes inspire somebody to make a chef-d oeuvre. This is a very important part. Please calculate the time with great precision.

Oh, is it not enough for you? And want do you want? What is it that you want?

Don’t be afraid to be invisible. You died before and one day you will die again, and nobody would notice. That is how it’s supposed to be.

“Standing in the darkness alone.”

Are you bored? Then teach yourself to watch through others’ curious eyes. Then learn to read more than one book at once.

Oh, dear creature, you will break your projector and roll away the red carpet. And sunlight will throw freckles on the pale cheeks of all those who faced their eye-lids tired from artificial lights to the sun rays.

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