• you ok?
  • yeah.. i am
  • you sure? wanna leave?
  • no, of course not
  • will it not be too much?
  • i thought it would be.. i’m surprised
  • for real?
  • yeah, i find it more.. curious.. and bizarre now after.. but not bothered at all. that’s actually kinda sad
  • oh gosh why would it be sad?
  • ..well, it would mean it wasn’t much in the first place..
  • not true. there was just nothing already for quite some time. so it’s easier. it was already dead.
  • i guess i agree..

*i didn’t agree*

  • you know.. it’s not the deadness part that is sad but no experience points hehe
  • what do you mean?
  • like.. when you have either good or bad experience – you learn from it. and i learned nothing. so like.. what was the point?
  • hmm.. you sure?
  • well. of course there were small things here and there, but not something major, so it’s like… wasn’t worse it.. unless..
  • heh unless what?
  • unless the point was.. to hit such a rock bottom so hard and see the worst so that from there the only way would be up. like either die or become self hahaha
  • hehehe that’s the attitude
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