Generally I write a tragic post around my birthday under the influence of upcoming dreadful date, and this year it’s going to be an exception. Yes, it’s still a post, and partially about what’s reached, but it’s not going to be about how sad it is to get older and see how little you’ve done or reached. Recently I realized that my blog is about 5 years old. Of course the other language version was first and on another domain, so you will not find these traces here, however it’s really that old. And for 5 freaking years every around-birthday date was filled with sorrow. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am that’s different this year.

Instead I wanted to touch quite personal topic. If you don’t want to know some my personal things, you’d better stop reading about…. now! : )

In everybody’s life there’re people who form you, create what you are, also known as people who change your life forever – there’s no way to become the previous person again. Around these people your life gets broken into two parts – ” before ” and ” after “.

I think I was very blessed to find such people. Luckily I have a thing for finding the right weirdos in my life, but I still see it as some sort of miracle. There were 3 of these miracles for me – the people around whom I changed into what i’m now.

Person 1

Thank you for teaching me that even when you know the result of your actions and are bored, you can still fully enjoy the ride. Thank you for accepting. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for teaching me to treasure and hold on to every moment, for we are mortal.. and very suddenly mortal.

Person 2

Thank you for showing me that I’m more than my brain and all its scary inhabitants. Thank you for helping to connect head, heart and soul into one whole functioning girl. Thank you for soothing fears and nightmares. Thank you for tantric journeys. Thank you for opening my eyes to myriads of whole new worlds and sharing mine.

Person 3

Thank you for a chance to learn putting somebody happiness before mine and while thinking of becoming more selfish, actually learning not to. Thank you for teaching to relax, to let smoke out into the starry night sky and think about nothing, to be present in the moment and cherish the beauty of it.

Thank you.

Thank you for your existence and crossing paths with mine.

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