This passage is taken and translated from a blog of director Andrei Konchalovsky:

Cynics represent a serious philosophical school that has a right to exist since from a moral point of view it’s neutral. Moral neutralism doesn’t have a negative meaning. Speaking of the ideology of cynicism, cynics are people who understand that in human there’s enough of both good and bad. Exactly this allows a cynic not to get surprised when a person does something bad. Admitting that somebody can be a jerk doesn’t mean that he is bad. From Renaissance epoch until nowadays people formed an opinion that a person is evolving, developing self, that you can’t beat the person but instead incarcerate in prison and so on. And many forget that the person didn’t actually change, he can be the same animal that he was three hundred years ago, one can turn another into animal in matter of hours. If you still keep that in mind it doesn’t make you a bad person, quite on the contrary. If one person loves another one knowing that this last one can be a shit sometimes it means that he loves another one for real. This is why I believe that if somebody does love a humanity these are cynics.

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