Every time we publish a status or an update online, we provide a lot of personal information to others about our internal state of mind.

I imagine this is.. well.. the point, but..

How fragmented and incomplete is this information?

Could you possibly build a proper analysis of human’s life and what if going on in his head by his or her social updates?

People are very different – that’s a fact, but many logical chains are working mostly in the same way.

They say that we hate the most about others what we hate about ourselves. So you cannot ignore some subconscious understanding of each other.

Which implies.. that one can use it for the sake of global justice and personal well-being.. that one can imbue the reader what you want him/her to think about you, you the person who’s now writing another unique post or sharing a quote that another hundred and ten other people reposted.

I’ll try to systematise some templates of people’s social activity and understand them in one way of another.

We even have template reaction to updates:

  1. Phrases, statuses and cute pics on relationships.
    Ok, you’re either in love in a new relationship or recently broken up and over compensating.
  2. Phrases, statuses and pics about how no one cares and only a bottle of wine gets you.
    Why can nobody understand how amazing you are? Why don’t you worship me?
  3. Phrases, statuses and pics on how cute babies are, how tired you are and what a good potential father should be.
    She’s either desperate to get prego or already is.
  4. Phrases, statuses and pics on success, self-development and self-discovery.
    The person accepted that the fauna that normally surrounds him/her doesn’t understand the person’s greatness. The person realised that you can count only on yourself and therefore it makes sense to develop that only creature you care about – yourself.

Does it make sense to continue the list?

Another clinical direction is the analyses of the person’s musical taste. Sometimes it might give even more information. What can be more honest than music?

I never judge people based on such things, but can’t help thinking them at the same time. Wonder if we all do that?

Why do we think this way?  Is it because of “we hate what we hate about ourselves” thing so we realise we would have done the same thing?

In moments when there’s nobody by your side in the moment of need, what we have left but the social cry for help?

However, whenever somebody would point out this, there’s always an option to say: What? That’s just a funny picture, don’t overthink it.

Can’t fight that. I do find humorous posts the most adequate. A sense of humour for me is a basic detector of an optimal person for communication.

Sadly not everyone has a sense of humour.

Once (for giggles) I put a status “I thought I was bi. Then I dated a guy… Now I’m a lesbian” and got an angry message from an ex that he didn’t expect our relationship didn’t matter much to me and had such a traumatising effect of me and so on..

There’s always that one person who takes every piece you write too personally. Sadly, sometimes that person is you )

Use and usability

Looking back at the written above, it seems obvious that social networks are great for creating an image of an adequate person with a sarcastic sense of humour.

How to use it though?

For example, before you post think what emotions this will evoke in you after some time. If it would make you smile – then why not. If it might highlight your unstable condition – maybe think again. Because except few people in your life, rarely anyone cares, and maybe some are even happy you’re going through some shit.

Why not focus from the start on creating a better version of self online? It won’t make you happy, no. But it could be a nice reminder for oneself of what to aspire to. To be the better self.

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