One of my most favourite meditations is watching visions under my eye-lids. I’m not entirely sure if it can be called meditation, but for me it responds to the key moments of turning off the consciousness, full relaxation and my mind slipping into lands far far away. In order to enter this state I focus on breathing for a couple of minutes – as if there’s nothing else existing in my life but monitoring breathing in and out. After that attention is switching up to the level of eyes and I just start to stare into the endless darkness. And the darkness is staring back at me in response.

If i’m not mistaken there was not yet a single time when the darkness stayed unchanged. Normally relatively quickly some dark forms and figures start to appear and move slowly. I’m not quite sure how I’m distinguishing them under my lids, since I’m positive about those form and figures being black as well, but black in a different way.

I think I heard somewhere that Chinese are taught to distinguish around 100 shades of black and each of those have their names. I suppose some Chinese could have helped me to figure out the shades if things I was seeing, but alas I don’t know any Chinese person.

Black in a different way the forms stop being entirely black under the lids and the actual madness of colour starts its performance. And notice, it’s all achieved just with legal stuff – oxygen and inside world.

I really enjoy those visions because they’re bringing ideas, inspiration and sometimes just an interesting cinema time in the head.

This time the darkness didn’t pass to colours. I kept watching attentively the black shades under my lids but nothing was happening.

Suddenly the reality under my right eye was split apart by a narrow horizontal gap of bright light as if somebody would have slashed my eye from one corner to another slightly lower than the middle with a sword. In the entering gap of light somebody’s fingers appeared. Dark fingers grabbed the upper part of the slashed-apart reality and somebody’s hand pulled it up. In the opening of the blinding light I saw a girl. She was supporting the dark half-reality with the hand she just used to open it. Against the bright light it was hard to make out the shape of the girl because all her body seemed like one dark shade, and only her big black eyes were prominent with their absolute blackness. She was arrogantly staring at me looking into my very head. “Such rudeness” i thought without any anger. “So what are you expecting to see here?” she thought outloud so that I could hear it.

Shocked, I opened my normal eyes, getting kicked out of the vision.

For the first time my visions contacted me directly..

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