I thought I’ll just leave this fat chin picture here.

For some reason I like this picture, it reminds me of a nice day I had with my doggo on a rainy day and snapped the pic with new hairstyle on the go not blurry or anything. #selfiesuccess

However when my mom saw it she told me it’s ugly. why?
– i’m not smiling with all my teeth
– it’s not the “right” angle so i look even chubbier
@hasqii is a smart woman who simply tought her mom to take awesome pictures (god bless you). I’m not tolerant of mine enough even to mention half of things i do in my free time.

On mom’s last visit I got a nice summary that I’m a good girl for loosing some weight but still have a long way to go…. and received 3 kilos(~6,6 lb) of sweets as a gift.. Huston.. huston.. logic abandoned us 😀

I’m not writing this to highlight that my mother is illogical creature, cuz we all are in some way or another. But rather a reminder that even people who wish us best, fail to help or can even do more damage than random others. Filter all the comments, “good” and “bad”.