My face when I see my new challenge.

October challenge was to chill more, have a break month in a way. Well that went sideways and I was more busy with health. Maybe it’s a way of my body to tell me I shouldn’t be lazy and should go back to challenges again. Ha-ha, no! But seriously, I was missing those monthly weirdnesses and the focus it gives.

Since I’m not feeling perfectly fine I thought this month I would delegate the making of the challenge. Hence I found a fitness marathon to join.


About a year ago I stumbled on an instagram blogger who gained 20kg (~44lbs) and then lost it in 2 months to prove and motivate people that you can do anything. I found it quite awesome. And since then she started doing those marathons where she coached people in a better shape for a month but I didn’t pay full attention to get all details. But as my weight and shape stayed pretty much same for last 4 months, I thought I should give it a closer look.

A marathon entails:

✅  lecture on basis of nutrition

✅  personalized food plan

✅  personalized exercise plan

✅  coach’s chat to discuss your own food/exercise/problems

✅  group chat of participant to support each other and global questions

✅  weekly milestones and reports

✅  best progresses after 30 days will be published on coach’s profile and the progress before/after who gets most votes gets prize of about 1300 euros


Worst case scenario I try a personalized plan and potentially improve myself.

Best option I’ll have money to buy lost of candies to celebrate ?

Seriously I can’t bother to hope for the prize but i’m dead focused on another 30 days of trying something different.

Plus I find it funny that on the day 30 i’ll have to be at wedding and eat accordingly.


I signed up pretty in advance, so even though the official start is tomorrow, I’ve already got my plan and advice on what the hell to do.

Happy point, it is adapted to my body, food restrictions like vegetarianism and such.

However it has this typical healthy menu points like oatmeal for breakfast and no chocolate bar a day.. what’s up with that?

Today there’s a lecture and training plan explanation so… tomorrow is the day I’ll start regretting this whole thing 🙂

More regular updates will be on my Instagram but I’m sure I won’t forget to make a blog update.


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