Who would have thought it’s still possible to feel. Snow makes me happy. No.. not like this. People with whom I admire snow or the ones I think about when I see it, they are making me happy. Probably that’s the magic. This is why it’s worth loving winter. It’s worth the fingers that get frozen off. Cold gives some clearness of thoughts and then snow fills this clearness with important things.

Please come. Fall on my head and inspire. Breathe in me when I’m out of air. When I stop breathing too, because even this hurts. It’s kind of funny that now even such a vital thing can hurt.

I’ll freeze off my fingers, but i’ll start breathing freely. Priorities.

You don’t need a home. Not right now. You need to freeze off your butt and drink some tea. Right now this is top important. Please, I beg of you. I need air. Need your air.

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