– Now I have to be searching for somebody like you, – she said uncertainly.

Oh god, what will he reply, what will he reply. What he will say now will break my heart. Whatever he says, it will break it. It doesn’t really work well as it is. Hmmm. I wander if I can get a heart attack from from he’ll say to me..

– Why? – he interrupted her thoughts.

“Why?” and “What for?” were his favourite questions. They were crashing any desire to talk and attempts to solve things. These were good questions that everybody should be asked from time to time, checking if what you’re doing is the right thing. Whatever it is – job, hobby, relationship or even a food.

– Why would you be searching for somebody like me? Weren’t we bad together?

She was jealous of his impassiveness and wanted to hit him real hard. The urge to hit somebody doesn’t come from a physical impulse of violence, as many are mistaken. It comes from a wish to show how it hurts inside with a simple outside projection.

– We weren’t bad together, we were interesting. I want it to be interesting again. I need my curiosity.

– This is your weakness..

– No, this is my power. The only thing that keeps helping me to wake up. Do you even understand what it’s like to wake up and to know?! To know what will happen?! To know who and what will be said! Do you understand how bored I am?!

– Oh again your emotions.. oh come on..  – A sight.

If I throw a cup into his head, will he catch it?

– Why would you need somebody at all? Don’t fool around..

– You weren’t saying that back then.

– Back then we needed somebody. We needed somebody to understand that really – we don’t need anybody. I think this is why we found each other.

– Do you still feel anything at all?

I’m not sure I want to know the answer. I don’t want to know an answer.

– When I feel something, I remember how much I hate you.

– Why?

– You took away what could have happened. A thread of opportunities. You came and in one motion destroyed one potential universe. It’s too much even for you.


It’s one of the most creepy songs I’ve ever heard.
I hear this conversation in my head every time I play it.

Based on true events. Inspired by a song and a mention about hatred.

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