Do you believe in coincidences as much as i do?

A couple of days ago, still enjoying the worst stage of my sick leave, I was very relieved to eat a miso soup in a asian restaurant nearby. It was when I realised how much I missed that and was forgetting to cook it of about 5 months by now. That’s why a decision to buy ingredients for miso soup was made… Made and forgotten on the second day, alas. Lucky for me on the day after that one of the bloggers I follow – Sarah Nagel’s channel Holistichabits – posted a video covering miso soup benefits and few recipes! Coincidence? I don’t think so )

Since this blogger’s post was so in time for me, I realised I can share with more people these tips from her.

If you feel experimental and hungry – this is the video I’m talking about.

Watch video about miso soup

Sarah’s channel is awesome also for this:

  • She’s super cute person with amazing positive energy. In each video there’s a guarantee to see an open  shining smile.
  • There’re lots of tips to live healthier and easy replace toxic or just not-so-good habits.
  • You’ll find diverse vegetarian easy-to-make recipes.
  • It’s in general very inspiring (personally for me, I found some tips to make switch in make-up/bodycare products to 100% organic and healthy)

One of my favourite videos from Sarah is this one – About relaxation and self recharging:

Find more videos from Holistichabits on her Youtube channel!

Are you inspired as much as I am? )

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