Recently I visited a vernissage of one photographer from Brno ÁŠA SÁROVÁ (aka in real world Dáša Husárová) and would like to share firstly the actual photos for more people to see them and secondly my feelings about them so that I wouldn’t forget my first impression with time. As it’s visible from the preview image it’s my beloved black and white style – I do have a craving to monochromic pictures and was making previously an article about black and white videos I enjoy. Dáša is making both colourful and not photos, but since vernissage was covering black and white segment and personally I love them more, in the article I’ll share only part of monochromic ones.

Watching Dáša’s black and white picture (and for some reason talking to her) in my head is associated with the following song.

Try to put it as a background while you go through this page and let me know how you feel.

The pictures:

dasa 1 dasa 2 dasa 3 dasa 4 dasa 5 dasa 6

I’m right here, why don’t you see me. I’m right next you you, screaming on the top of my lungs, silently. Right next to you with all the chaos and screams filling my head. Trying not to let it all out, trying to calm it down, trying to learn embracing this emptiness, this empty space and air, trying to pull them inside of me, trying to calm it all down. I’m right here. You don’t ask the right question, I don’t give you answers. I’m busy. I’m trying to calm them all down.

my mixed thoughts and impression feedback

dasa 7 dasa 8 dasa 9 dasa 10 dasa 11 dasa 12

All pictures in this articles are property of Dáša Husárová and their sharing was blessed by a cheerful “Yeah.. Of course.”

dasa autor

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