This holidays’ time I had a simple challenge for myself – catch up on watching movies. During last about 3 months I watched only one movie, being too swamped with work. The undeniable hunger kept growing – my inner half-dead poet was craving more art!  Visual, sensational, audial… everything at once!

Without noticing, this list ended up consisting of indie movies. For me, an indie movie is something that is deviated from the traditional storytelling but makes the hungry man full nevertheless. And I was hungry )

Song of lunch

The Song of Lunch is a 2010 television adaptation of Christopher Reid’s poem of the same name. It was directed by Niall MacCormick and stars Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. The production is unusual in featuring little spoken dialogue, the action instead being an enactment of incidents described in poetic monologue by the male character.


A woman’s consuming love forces her to bear the clone of her dead beloved. From his infancy to manhood, she faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision.

Farewell, My Queen

Versailles in July 1789. There’s growing disquiet at the court of King Louis XVI: the people are defiant and the country is on the brink of revolution. Behind the scenes at the royal palaces emergency plans are being made. Although nobody believes that this spells the end of the established order everyone is talking of escape, including Queen Marie Antoinette and her entourage. One of Marie Antoinette’s ladies-in-waiting is Sidonie Laborde who, as the Queen’s reader, is a member of the monarch’s inner circle. Little does she know that she is about to witness the downfall of her beloved queen.

High rise

Class struggle becomes all too real as a young doctor moves into a modern apartment block in suburban 1975 London. Drugs, drink & debauchery dissolve into murder, mayhem and misogyny in this pseudo-post-apocalyptic breakdown of societal norms.

Trully madly deeply

Nina, an interpreter, is beside herself with grief at the recent death of her boyfriend, Jamie, a cellist. When she is on the verge of despair, Jamie reappears as a “ghost” and the couple are reconciled.

Did you like any of these movies? Let me know which interested you in the comments.

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