One of my first conscious musical inspirations, Pur:Pur band came into my life when I was in college. They sang in english and I didn’t even know they’re from my hometown. And so I was blessed to see their life-concerts with minimal effort.

Pur:Pur style could be most described as alternative-indie, but honestly it feel that every song is its own genre. Pur:Pur song are for me an open heart – whether it’s an open wounded heart or a loving one – that inspired so many of my post.

My first get-to-know was this animated loveliness.

Once upon a time gave hope when I was far away

Messy sounds tough me to be loud

Stay is probably my favourite. It’s best beginning, real end and refreshing start..

It’s under their influence that I drew the “cosmic girl” picture.

cosmic girl drawing


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