How can you not love the darkness? How can you not love the night?

This is the most magical and wonderful time, when most of the people that surround you are sleeping – they’re not here, and finally, you’re alone! This is it. Long awaited sanctuary where nobody bothers you.

The darkness gifts freedom, comfort, feeling of ever possibility of things… just a little bit more… and one would be able to hear how wings are cutting the skin on the back.

You can hide almost anything in the darkness. When the night comes – it’s a new reality stepping out… a reality in which you can do so much more.

I love night beyond explanation. Throughout my childhood, it was the time to be left alone and read what I want, play the games that I want, write in a blog what I want. No surveyance, just plain creativity. I’m not sure I’m a natural born “owl” but if I wasn’t, it’s the night’s magic that made me one.

Over the years, dark hours became “my time” – time to create and be the most productive.

Now, I’m an adult and don’t need so much alone zone because I can have it whenever I want. Never the less, “my time” still has the charm. While most of the working world is in love with an early bird schedule, there’s hardly a match there. A while ago I’ve been a trained morning person – waking up around 5, at work by 7 and so on – it lasted about a year and died off around the time I got a dog.

Whether to bend myself to the morning world again or bend the world around my magical time… I don’t know.  

Any advice would be very appreciated.

While I’m in an indecisive limbo, the only this left is to grasp the moments of magic to write… or to create the magic itself.

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