hello, october

I want to hug you. October, I love you with your coziness, hugging scarfs and fresh crispy morning air of new things. October, you smell like starting a new love.

No-no, i’m not cheating on september, but it was a bit of a weird month with some crazy up and downs.

In september i:

  • lost my laptop to a deadly disease of being MY laptop
  • went to the sea first time in 10 years and didn’t burn my skin
  • did a healthy back challenge making it 15 back exercising sessions in a month, and holly crap, it does work
  • went on work trip that took me through Germany-Italy-Austria facing me with my worst travel anxieties
  • added mood-tracker to my bullet journal to have a better picture of my mental health track
  • realized i have more support that i’d have possibly imagined

Though last month wasn’t my lately normal state to a full scale, it was refreshing to highlight to me where i still need work done with my self-development, and the best part, that i will have a support along the way.

First time in last 6 months i don’t plan to do any challenge this month to make it easy on my mental health, and just do what feels right.

Which in my in-love state means:

  • drinking only good coffee, wrapping myself in cute sweaters
  • finish the back-health course
  • exercise as much as possible when and how my body feels right
  • just proceed with hobbies at the pace that feels comfortable
  • priority wise, just be there for people that need me as much as they’re helpful to me

I love you, October. You smell like love.