Are you feeling down? Or simply want a quick cheer-up guide, these things would make your day.

And since I’m a lazy person, the list is also “lazy” – you can do these things without much of an effort.

Make a herbal tea

I notice many people regularly drink black or green tea just because herbs seems something more of a solution when you’re actually sick. But you’re missing out on so much!

Herbs have answer to almost any situation or.. at least any taste 🙂

Try these in following cases:

Peppermint – stomach ache, gases, bloating

Rooibos – skin inflammations

Rosemary – to relax muscles 

Chamomile – insomnia, stress

Lavender – insomnia, stomach infections, bronchitis

Dandelion – cleans liver

Hibiscus – high pressure

Echinacea – cold

Ginger – upset stomach, mild cold

Lemon – needing concentration

Best part about herbal tea – it takes 10-15 to make them, so if you’re like my and tend to forget your tea in kitchen, herbal tea is made for you.


Take an aroma bath

Hot bath melts any troubles away. Don’t overdo the temperature however in order not to get a headache. A hot bath that you can take for 20 minutes without feeling dizzy is your perfect temperature. 

Add aroma oils (2-3 drops is enough) in the hot water to have an inhalation session as well as therapy for you mind.

These are most common calming oils: eucalyptus, sandalwood, lavender, citrus, patchouli, rose, jasmin.

Notice small things around you

How often we use “autopilot” to do everyday things. However it makes us do things faster, it dumbs down the brain. My solution was a bit forced – i had to make a purchase. Getting a camera was one of the best decision I made in my life never the less. It “trained” me to look around, seek for small details and their beauty. Whether you just want to be more attentive or actually train your brain in free time, this exercise would bring a bit of light in your life and appreciate your surroundings.  


Throw out 5 items

Cleaning process was proved to be helpful tool to clear mind and feel more positive, but really.. who likes cleaning. However you can replace it by simply getting rid of few things you don’t like in your house. Maybe it was a souvenir you didn’t ask for or a gift you secretly hate. You don’t have to go hard-core minimalist and keep only the things you like, but 5 items is a great start to feel free from unnecessary in your life.

Write down your gratitude

Write on a piece of paper what you’re glad about in your life. So much time is spend complaining about everything around, that we don’t see forest behind the trees. Yes, problems happen, yes, sad things happen. And we have to go through it. But don’t loose the bigger picture of what’s good around you!

What do you use to feel better? Share in comments

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