Though for the challenge I sent pictures in underwear I don’t think it’s too ok for me to share those here, hence I tried to replicate the picture in the skin-tight dress 1 month before and now.

Half-way results I’ve already covered in this article.


weight 72.6 >> 70.9 kg 
waistline 77 >> 71cm
hips 112 >> 107cm
leg 65 >> 60cm


I didn’t loose much weight at all, I just generally got slimmer. Regarding the shrunk centimeters of me and the fact that I was still eating chocolate and chips occasionally during the month i’m glad without mega-drastic restrictions I’ve reached this result in 1 month. However if i look at the quality of the body – the change is freaking huge!


fat % went from 33.7% to 29.8% 
which means i went from
24.5kg fat to 21.1 kg
meaning -3.5 kg fat in 30 days ✨✨✨
1kg fat = ~8000 calories
so over month i had about 28000 calories deficit.

Before I was technically in the obese (or overweight if you’re a special snowflake) range of fat percentage. ? That’s why my favourite picture of the change is from behind. Because around the body i didn’t change dramatically – just lost few centimeters here and there, but the extra fat that was bothering me on the back and lower back is almost gone.


With my pearshaped body I still have enough work about fat on my hips and legs, but i got rid of the most annoying parts already – arms, back and lowerback. At least now I know i’m on the right track with this diet – because it allows me to keep my muscle mass and just loose the annoying unhealthy level of fat.

The most I like about this month
– the diet is tasty
– the diet can be continued
– i didn’t have extreme dieting to ruin my metabolism
– i drastically improved my cardio results – my asthma is very unhappy
– i started to feel and control my body so much more and it’s extremely enjoyable