Do you consider time to work a waste of time?

I do. I don’t have to drive or use bicycle, so I don’t need to pay my attention to other things on the road. I walk or take public transport listening to a mp3 player in my ears. Another opportunity is to read, but this one is suitable only for long distance public transport. What to do if you don’t have any?

Train your creativity with the objects in the street! Here’re 5 simple tips to try.

1. Color scheme

Even a simple blue summer sky consists of few shades of blue and maybe a bit of grey. Life around us is full of colors.

Try to imagine what you see presented in just 3-5 colors. It can be some specific object or a whole scenery in general.

It doesn’t only helps to be more creative but also helps to take a more careful look at a world around and like it more.

2. Going minimal

Going minimal is dangerous, there’s a big chance to go too minimal when the point and functionality are being lost.

To practise doing it just the right amount take some object – for example a big advertising banner next to a bus stop – and try simplifying it as much as possible still keeping the idea of the message in.


3. Find geometry

Geometry is all around us. Square boxes of houses, round stop signs etc.

Try looking at the street you’re in in terms of geometrical objects they consist of. Lines, shapes, forms.. how they make all together the thing you’re looking at.

Personally I also find entertaining also looking at one side of the building imagining it whole as a stereometric drawing.

4. Going cartoon style

This is probably my favourite because it’s a real fun.

Look at the person close to you and image him as a cartoon character (person or animal). Think of the impression that disney cartoon characters give to you – it’s easy to imagine a life person behaving like that. Try to do the reverse. It’s especially fun with people you know for a longer time.


5. Shoot a video

This one is very useful for people who wear headphones walking everywhere like me.

Try not just to listen just to the lyrics and sing along, but also imagine what kind of video you’d make for this song if you were a director.

gaga phone

Would you try these tips? )

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