I made a challenge for myself for the whole April – I will exercise every single day. Is it crazy – probably? Will I still do it? Hell yeah. 


I am a person who really get things done when  it’s in a form of a challenge. Right now, I try not to question myself why it is so but simply channel an inner “Monica”. 


It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call me a couch potato girl. Last year I lost 10 kilos, and I did it by mild exercising and bit of running. So technically I’m kinda a exercising couch potato person. Last few months I wasn’t in great health thanks to inability to dress appropriately and a roll of sneezing office colleagues. Hence my work out (haha) was at best 30 minutes a week. In last 2 weeks I literally only did 10 minutes of yoga so weak I felt. 

With this challenge I want again to feel stronger and fitter, and do it in a form that motivates me enough. 


Firstly, working with data, I can’t help myself but note down the body changes and post weekly updates with video of my exercising and measurements. 

1. Body 

So original measurements are 

Waistline – 76cm / 29.9inches 

Hips – 111cm / 43.7inches 

Leg – 64cm / 25.2inches 

Arm – 29cm / 11.4inches 

Weight – 71.5kg  / 158lbs 

Fat % – 29.9% 

Muscle % – 34.4%  

Height – 172cm / 5.6 ft 

Knowing how my body functions and is able to change I would bet on this results in one month but let’s see. 

Waistline – -5cm / -1.9inches 

Hips – -4cm / -1.6inches 

Leg – -4cm / -1.6inches 

Arm – -2cm / -0.8inches 

Weight – -2.5kg  / -5.5lbs 

Fat % – 28% 

Muscle % – 35.5%  

2. Food 

I’m not going to adjust my diet which also mean my usual 3-5 bags of chips if I want to, 4 bars of chocolate and so on. Making no changes what so ever. One day I will work harder on my food patterns but it won’t be this month – to many goals and none will be reached. Simpler steps. 

3. Exercise 

Is exercising every day good – I’m not sure, I read that it’s not enough time for the body for recover. However I’m not going to be doing anything crazy, so I don’t think it should have negative consequences. It’s applicable to people who are more into doing heavy workouts. Well, I’m safe from that. Currently on daily bases, if I exclude dog walking in morning and evening, I walk only 10 minutes to transport to work and back. So any exercise more than this is absolutely necessary movement activity for a person.  

Therefore I made a minimal exercise requirements that are enough to move me around and not be too hard to demotivate me. 

The minimal values would be either: 

30 minutes of stretching 

30 minutes of exercising 

2km / 1.2 mile of running (I’m asthmatic so that’s an achievement for me 🙁 ) 

3 hours of waking 

See, feasible value. Of course it would also mean that one day I would have 60 minutes of yoga, next day 3 hour walk in nature, than exercise at home, the day after that stretch at home, after that go to gym for 40 minutes and so. But definitely for the first week I’ll try to be closer to the minimal values so that my body gets adjusted. 

I’m not even sure how the exercises are named yet properly, so when I make plan on what to do, I make these cute but kinda stupid postits. And this is my workout plan for yesterday! 😀  

For me personally the challenge would also be psychological since 

  1. Some days you just don’t feel like moving – and .. I’ll have to. 
  2. I will have to record myself exercising, clumsily exercising I must say. I’m not sure how I would figure out video recording in gym or class since I don’t think it’s nice to other people to be doing that.. But I’ll think something out. 
  3. Posting updates, regural ones, which I’m not exactly a queen of. 

I’m recording this video on the third day of the challenge. 

Two days before challenge I did exercise, and the day after that I walked about 2 hours. With now 2 days into the challenge (I will have to complete a third workout after recording this video) I can already feel a glimpse how it’s going to feel. On weekends it seems very ok, but after a work day hm not so much. 

So that’s my plan. 

I’m not inviting you do join my challenge, since I’m not sure it’s a truly good idea. But I will test it out and share! 

If you support this crazy idea, like this video, subscribe for future updates and I’m linking my intagram where you’d able to have more updates and some pictures and stuff, you know, Instagram things. 

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