Check out how I survived second week of the every day exercising challenge.

See video –>

On the 1st of April I started “exercise every day challenge”, so far it’s been 2 weeks and I’m exited to show my progress and troubles with it. Exercising every day is not as hard as I imagined, but some psychological aspects of working out a lot are quite tricky.

In my challenge I combines working out at home, going to gym, yoga, running and stretching.. As a person who easily gets bored I’m happy to combine those activities. So far my favorites are running and working out in gym – probably because I can do everything at my pace without somebody telling me what to do and when.

I understand that for some people working out every day is a normal thing – and you’re a great inspiration! – but for a regular couch potato person it’s an achievement. Would you ever do similar challenge?

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