Today I faced a big realization – Everybody should blog. Wouldn’t it make the world a much more enjoyable place?

With the current speed of life with lots of projects, workload, occasional desire to sleep and many more, there’s less and less time to meet with everybody; however with the Internet (god bless it) there’s a wonderful option to stay connected. Almost everybody is using social networks and messengers to communicate. Though as people grow tired of social profiles it’s more and more noticeable how people lower activity there – and I do get it, I did same with mane social profiles. The ones that stay get more specialized – work profile, hobby profile etc. I definitely enjoy this specialization but something is still as if missing.

If almost everybody had their blogs it would be great because

  1. It shows person’s style

    Blog is a little bit like an apartment for self expressions. Basically everybody lives in more or less standard apartments, but none of them look same in the end, because people are different and they bring this difference to the things around them. Blog shows person’s taste, style, way of thinking and expressing oneself.

  2. It gives more than talking

    Though nothing can replace a live conversation, a blog has a big benefit – it uplifts shyness. In eye to eye communication a conversation adapts to the reaction of another person, hence there come shyness and fear of saying something wrong or stupid. Blog however creates an effect of talking to yourself or some unknown stranger.

  3. It pushes unusual topics

    If you’re a lucky person you have one or few friend with whom you can talk about anything, however with the most of people around us we’re limited in a specific pattern – work, school, boyfriend’s family etc. These contexts require talking in a specific key. For example, with a coworker, I wouldn’t be discussing my personal life or ask an advice about a drawing. It’s like not-overlapping worlds. Luckily when you read somebody’s blog it’s possible to discover things another person wouldn’t generally share with you but which in fact might be of interest to you. This also helps to find new interest people with similar ideas – though their openness in their blog.

  4. It shows another point of view

    “Every moment happens twice: inside and outside, and they are two different histories.”
    – Zadie Smith

  5. It teaches to speak

    To speak, to think, to properly formulate thoughts, clean language and expand vocabulary. In a way it’s like reading – even if you don’t study philology, by reading a lot of books you’d improve your grammar and vocabulary. Blogging is not same but ends up with similar effect. To be honest, it hurts my eyes to be reading articles I wrote 2 years ago.

  6. It helps to let go

    Maintaining a blog is even one of the types of therapy of letting go. It’s a great help against insomnia and anxiety, helping to extract the buzz from the head into wording, to face it and to accept it.


Few times in life I was on the verge of deleting my own blog, for different reasons, but I still think that having it was one of the best decisions I made on the path of staying sane.

In some way blogging is a modern book writing – short storytelling adapted to our constantly rushing perception – but spiced up with personal touch that makes actual books so unbearable to read, but renders blogs more exciting and friendly.

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