He was twisting a cigarette between his fingers. Another take would be too much, thoughts were already getting confused. Now if someone asked him what day it was, he would have said “The day when you need to get really drunk.”

Mila set on the step next to him.

– Are you ok?

– I’m always ok.

– Don’t you think you had enough, Sam?

– Fuck you! Think you’re a fucking clever..

– Oh screw you!

Mila’s heels were making a clicking noise with the floor as she was angrily walking away over to chat with her friends . A minute later, one of them looked disapprovingly at Sam. He thought irritably why girls absolutely need to tell everything to her friends, can not shut up ever .

The room was buzzing with talks of guests, from next room loud music was noising, and from the second floor it could be heard constant giggling . Those who didn’t dance in the back room, were trying to drown the music, talking more and more loudly in small groups. From time to time someone laughed fake and unnatural. Sam was already finishing his fifth beer. It seemed to him that the music and cheesy laughter were ringing right in his head.

– So do you want to go or to stay? – a unicorn who just set next to on the stairs asked Sam.

– Both I think.

– You’re being annoyed by being here?

– Not really, I wanted to come, but it’s not what I expected. Hey look at Dan – he drank almost nothing, but he’s laughing for last two hours like a drunk horse.. Please don’t take any offense.

– None taken.

– .. or that couple on the couch.. Why the fuck would they have come here? They’re sitting there oh so happy.. bitches.. I so want to pour gasoline on them and set it on fire. I’d like to see how they’d be hugging once their skin starts to bubble.

– Why are you so cruel?

– I’m not cruel, I’m honest. Don’t YOU get annoyed by your friends?

– Well, I’m a unicorn. I’m not even seen that often, and making friends like this is not really easy.

– Lucky bastard.. I do love them at some point.. but I want to strangle them at the same time. I want to see them suffer as I do. I’m so irritated that they think that they see and get me, though if they knew what I really think of them they wouldn’t stay even for a minute next to me.

– So don’t tell them.

– But I want to.. I want to shout in their faces what I think of them.. shout what I want from them. At least to someone.

– Then tell them, or at least to someone.

– You know, unicorn, you’re a dick. Your advice are shit.. Hey, see Mila? She’s a fucking greatest migraine of my life. Do you think she would ever smile at me once more, if I’d be honest with her. No! She’d get scared, ‘d start crying and ‘d be thinking of how to move to another city. Of course I want to hurt and hug her at the same time, but I don’t want to see her cry. Understand?

– Not really. You’re a fucking sadist, who’d messed up enough that he’s talking to a unicorn. What does it say about you?

– That you’re a dick?

– Not only. You got so lost in what you show to whom, that you already forgot in which story you’re believing yourself.

– Do you know what I’m writing now?

– M.. ?

– A new collection of poems.

– Of good ones?

– Not for everyone’s taste. Something like if Palahniuk would write poetry trying hard not to throw up a yesterday’s party.

– Sounds yummi.

– Yeah..

– So will you tell her?

– Nah, she didn’t deserve it. You know, actually I.. – Sam turned his head, but unicorn already disappeared.


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