It’s so good that you exist, but please don’t interrupt me loving you.

When I say that I’m in love, it means that I’m just happy that this creature exists in this world. And if this person decides to be around me for some time – that’s a real treat, a real gift for me! That’s all I need from people. The rest is totally up to the person. If he decides to be nice to me – I’ll be absolutely happy. If not – it’s also ok, it’s not a tragedy nor a reason to be sad. I’ll watch this person for some time, will listen to him and then will go to mind my own business. This is for me “falling in love”. And what were you thinking about?

Trisha (partially a cat, a bit of a girl, sort of a shadow, who knows..) was calling this “falling in love”, for somebody else it can be “love” itself. Don’t interrupt me.

p.s. Inspired by a dream where I had to give up my library, including Frei’s series.

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