What I see will never be mentioned

I’ll tighten the rope so I won’t make a sound

Putting torn words into the nightmare

Will wander like drunk, hitting the ground

Open quickly another new chapter

Dizzy with wonder turning the page

Drinking water with dried up soul’s lips

Drowning myself in innocent rage

Coincidence is our mutual pure illusion

You know you came here to be close

I’ve been writing some songs to you lately

Dizzy with wonder if it all really shows

Singing in sleep to comfort my own fear

I go slowly through deserted streets

Illuminating my way with a new hunger

Ask another your question, the sphinx still sleeps

There’s nothing behind but my burned steps

Naked and thirsty I’m going up on the stage

Looking at.. no – right through you

When dizzy with wonder I’m turning the page

/author of image: KuldarLeement

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