I’m relaunching relatively old experiment with my own body, and this is why I decided to translate the article I had about this subject. The experiment is called “Clean thursday”. It used to be a day in a week when I don’t eat anything, sort of a relax & recharge day, now it’s a 3 days challenge, where each day has its purpose.

Food habits are hard to kick out of the body by just lowering down the dose

It’s really difficult to be eating in one way for years and years, and then be slowly changing it without consequences for the body. At least for me. Though one should be very careful with the habits that in case of an abrupt abortion would cause a crisis in terms of strong negative reaction of a body. This is how it took me about 3 years to cut down sugar dependance: from 6-8 spoons of sugar per cup to 0-2, with the rest of sweet things on the same level. A sudden rejection would most probably put me into coma, since it would mean suddenly -15 spoons of sugar per day at least.

Sometimes body needs a microstress

A hungry day has some positive reaction on the body. Even if those days are not planned, similar things can be felt during sickness, when feeling ill is over body is craving for natural fresh food. For me it’s also accompanied by disgust to cooked food. I wish it’d always like that.
I used to make a thursday without food. It led to desire to eat fruits on thursday and really nice healthy eating on friday, that by the end of friday was transforming into a craving of junkfood and similar things.
This is why a new experiment was necessary to be started to give my body some proper shake up, basically drastically changing nutrition for 3 days out of 7.


Wednesday – raw food
Thursday – no food
Friday -raw food
What raw food means: only fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts
Standard, miniyoga in morning and some exercises or proper yoga training in evening.
Most difficult
Brain is dying without chocolate.

Typical results

Since I was already doing this style of living before for about 2 months and later from time to time, I can definitely say it has a positive influence on me. If I keep up with this style for few weeks, I start to eat better in the rest of the days in the week and I also lower the craving to junk food.

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