Choking on blood OR lucid dreaming as assistance to writers

Mouth was filled with a familiar sensation of blood. That wasn’t even funny anymore. One thing when a gum bleeds a bit and tongue’s end feels the taste, and absolutely another – when there’s so much blood you start to search for a sink to spit in.

As I was running down the hall of the apartment where I used to live 10 years ago I was feeling nauseous from the iron-ish taste. I couldn’t understand Dracula’s “blood is life” since it seemed so disgusting. “I wonder how my blood’s taste would change with my diet” – I though on a by-the-way note.

“What the hell is happening with my dents?!” – I kept asking myself over and over.

There was so much blood in the mouth now it started to go down the throat and I couldn’t do anything about it. 2 meters to bathroom. Big gulp of this sickening liquid almost made me vomit, but more importantly it made my head shake up and realize that I’m not having this problem with health and seem to be simply sleeping now.

It’s easier to realize self in the dream than to stay in that condition of realization yet being still asleep. Normally it’s advised to feed the tactile sensation – touch, brush, pet – keep feeling surfaces’ textures. My dream was perfect for this.

I started to touch my teeth with the tip of the tongue. They started to move like the baby-teeth before falling out.

Then I got curious how old people feel with no teeth at all and was able to pull my already moving teeth without much of an effort. It was a really weird feeling since there was still an already tiring sensation of blood. But it was only a dream. Why not, then?

So I made a mistake that shouldn’t be repeated after your self-realize in a dream – I started to think. Right away it kicks you out of the lucid dream. But still…

This experience would be irreplaceable if I would be writing a book where I would need to describe physical sensation that I not available to me in real life. This opens up so many opportunities! Endless see of hyper-realistic descriptions!


There’s always a question  “How can you be sure that what you felt would be actually accurate to the real life?”. There’s no way to say. However from my personal experience whenever I was trying something I experienced in a dream first was exactly same in the real life later. Basing solely on this factor, I’d say “go for it, it works!”

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