– So do you go to nature often?

– Well.. if somebody drags me along, then yes, I go, but otherwise no.

– It doesn’t fit the picture of you. You look like somebody who should be in the nature often. You should be able to survive everywhere.

– I guess I can. And I do like to be in the nature. It gives a chance to feel something alive. But those things “alive” feel too alienated..

Recently I came across this video in my news feed:


People were commenting rapturously about how they’d like to do the same, about how they miss actual life living in a city, about what a brave video it is which shows what everybody wants to do now themselves.


I’m not really talented and wouldn’t be able to do better, but imho I don’t find this video beautiful. Idea is good, but the girl, in spite of great boobs, didn’t really make me believe her.

Nevertheless it reminded me about a piece of the conversation, part of which is mentioned above. Is it really that bad? I’m afraid so.

For the majority, if you were born in a bid city, grew up in a big city, all time being spent studying and working, then you don’t see nature much. This is how I grew up. Running all the time between school and hobbies and extra classes, during weekend I was trying to find time to study so that during next week i could sleep not 6 hours, but at least 6h 30 minutes. I didn’t feel an urge to go to nature, neither I had a reason to. There were school nature trips from time to time, I was spending those dreaming to come back home as soon as possible. So what do we have now? A grown up person who barely imagines how to exist in the natural habitat of this planet.

Lately I try to go to nature more often, than it was before. It’s not so difficult, since any number of trip is bigger than zero. Still.. in the nature I do feel like a guest. This oddity raises to the level that when entering a park or a forest I want to bow and clean my shoes on the threshold.

I love nature, I admire it, I get inspired by its creations.. and I wait for the moment when I can go back to the city to my natural habitat with the noise of cars, 24/7 supermarkets and concrete walls.


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