He was planning next 5 years with her, secretly hoping that even after 5 years they will still be together. He couldn’t imagine how much it would take him to stay with her. She was enough; she had anything he wanted, plus a cherry on top. She was enough, that he had to talk himself into going to see other friends.
He was dreaming to open his heart to her. With her he can. Can he really?


This dream is chasing me almost all my life. I regularly fall into in once or twice per year. I constantly dive into horrifying feeling of being lost and confused. I like when I get some answers in my dreams.. some sort of a personal wikipedia.. but this dream.. this one always throws me into an ocean of questions. And I drown.

Oh Laura!

When I was introduced to you, I sang a song about your name. It was hard not to make fun of you, especially since I had to mask my embarrassment. My song made you angry and laugh at the same time. As a response you were staring in my eyes angrily with a smile in the corners of your lips simultaneously. I was looking into your sky-blue eyes and couldn’t stop looking.


Do you wake up often in a body of another person?
As long as I remember myself I never bothered whether it’s a boy or a girl – a soul is a soul, its shell means nothing, though girls are a bit prettier.. This is briefly speaking.

But dreams.. It’s a bit too much. It’s lately hard to pass a night where I wouldn’t be dreaming in a body of a man.