4 weird misconceptions // MINIMALISM

I decided to make a small guide for myself and others who might find it useful on the journey to minimalism.

The first time I consciously stumbled across this topic with The Minimalists website (https://twitter.com/TheMinimalists). It was a lot of help and inspiration. Nowadays I follow their twitter for a day-to-day reminder – they have great tips and community in general. Later it developped into watching different youtube videos on this topic, but it still felt like I’m missing something – maybe this is why I decided to make such video – to compensate the gaps. Very often I came across of misunderstanding of concept or being too “utopian” about it.

If you like me are planning or started to slowly switch to minimalism, check with me next points and let me know your opinion in comments.

NOTES ON PRODUCTIVITY: How to work more efficient and not get distracted

In this article I’d like to share my methods to be able to do more than usual. Those who know me are aware that i’m cracked about being effective, but at the same time I’m a very lazy person. This is why I think this should only make my notes more practical since after time I left only the necessary minimum (cuz I’m lazy duh) which at the same time works perfectly.